Is There Some Minigame To Waste Support Mana Pool?

For some reason regardless if lane is going well or poorly there are a LOT of ADCs that love to waste Bard shrines. I'd say ~20% of all games love to do this: Either they take it before it matures and losing the double heal, they'll take it when at 97% health, or will take it and immediate B. I mean, yeah if you're about to die and need the heal/speed boost before it matures, take it (please!), but mana isn't an infinite resource! The first time it happens I normally just offer a friendly "you know it heals double if you wait for it to pop?" and they all reply "Yeah, I know." so I can only contend they're trolling or playing some twisted minigame. A couple of times I've just stopped dropping them when the ADC is super blatant about it and instead leave them near camps for the jungler and of course the ADC complains then and calls me petty for not liking my mana wasted? SMH. Anyone else run into this? {{champion:432}}
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