Azir Buff Idea- Remove the Duration of His Passive Turret

Why must Shurima fall once again? WE MUST EXPAND ONWARDS! WE SHALL RECLAIM OUR KINGDOM AND BUILD OUR ARMY! (Ok, but seriously, why does the health have to decay until it decays itself to death? It already loses all of it's armor if Azir isn't nearby, why the double defense nerf?) > **CHANGES** > **Passive- Shurima's Legacy** - No longer loses health if Azir is within 2500 units of the tower NOTE: Only one tower can be created at once - Sand Tower now begins to regenerate 1% of it's max health every second after being out of combat for 10 seconds (only when Azir is nearby) EDIT: Instead of always permanent, it now doesn't lose health if Azir is within 2500 units of it.
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