Quick and easy Riven balance help.

I've gotten used to dying to riven because she does insane damage and has great chase. That's just part of the game at this point and I don't expect it to go away, but why is she allowed to run away just as well as initiate? I'm glad they nerfed her movespeed, and I will have to wait and see how much that changes her, but I think the main problem is it's too hard to punish riven. ___ My idea would be to just drop the dash on her shield, and add on a couple seconds to the duration. That way she still gets to negate some damage after she jumps on you early game, but she won't be impossible to punish as a melee champ. It will provide that much wanted counterplay opportunity to riven I've always wanted. __- Note: I'm not complaining about riven, but I don't think that a bruiser should be able to play like an assassin. It's annoying.
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