/Remake wtf

I dont play often nowadays because i have school and other things right now and ive grown to love this game so when i play i want it to be fast and fun (no time no patience) Now when i play the only ranked i have the time to do i get an afk in my team, wich is ok because we have /Remake now But!!!(HUGE FLAW) If someone makes a First blood (on the enemy team) my whole team is fucked for like 30 minutes ok you can win 4v5 if ur gud enough but i afk'd my game because i dont want to play 4v5 (i think thats reasonabl( i have things to do)) if i have the Leavebuster i wont play again i guess (cuz im a tard like that) ( wasted some of my precious time to give feed back to one of my favorite game creaters so i hope someone reads this ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{{champion:32}} i hope i put this on the right board
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