Nerf Diana WHY DOES THIS CHAMPION ALMOST HAVE A 55% WINRATE??? Her Q LITERALLY NEGATES THE ONLY PROBLEM SKILLSHOTS HAVE Dodge? No problem, AOE People blocking the adc? No problem, IT FUCKING CURVES Oh no it looks like you got caught out, WHIP OUT THE 500 HEALTH SHIELD YOU HAVE FOR SOME REASON. Her R -> E is better than Malphite's ultimate, It's UNDODGEABLE and AOE not to mention ONE SHOTS ALL SQUISHIES INSTANTLY Lets see, aoe passive autoattacks, aoe Q, aoe W, aoe E, IT'S ALMOST LIKE SHE CAN ONE SHOT 5 PEOPLE AT ONCE RIOT. Riot is gonna see this and say: > Give her a skin > Buff her again This is completely unacceptable, I thought this company had SOME standards. GUESS THE FUCK NOT.
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