Need help finding a video discussing damage roles. (Burst v. DPS v. Tanks)

Several months/years ago, I stumbled upon an informative video (and I thought it was one produced by Riot or one of their channels) talking about how different types of damage interact with one another in a somewhat rock-paper-scissors style, in that Burst damage (Assassins and Mages) typically beats Sustained Damage (Like that of ADC's), and that sustained damage beats tank (Tanks, fighters, and utilities from supports), whereas Tanks usually beat burst damage. I don't recall where I found the video, but this concept has certainly held up against the test of time in most cases from my experience, and I wanted to share it with a friend who I was discussing this topic with. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find this video anymore, and was hoping that the hive mind might help me locate it, as well as add their two cents on the matter, as to why this does or doesn't accurately portray how League's damage roles operate. EDIT: Sustained dmg equates to DPS, to avoid confusion with sustain champs, which would fall under being tanks.
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