I don't want to have to learn ADC to win my games

The level of games decided by adcs in my games is ridiculous. And not just ADCs, but rather {{champion:29}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:119}} and this {{champion:81}} jungle cancer that keeps qing my lane from bush. Most of the time, teams that have these champs in my games are autowins. I'm not ashamed to admit that as a mid main I get carried A LOT just because my ADC is one of these champs or is just another fed ADC. The fact that bans are dedicated to at least 3 of these champs in this role AS WELL as {{champion:40}} supports who are just stupidly strong makes me wonder if its even worth trying to carry from mid anymore. When was the last time you saw a jungle carry? A top lane fighter carry? A mid lane ASSASSIN carry? I'm TRASH at bot lane. Please don't force me to play it.
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