Jungle timers is probably the worst thing next season to all camps (and rants)

Never agreed with dragon/baron, but now we have default jungle camp timers. damn gonna miss when I played/streamed (even back in 2012-2013) people would often ask me "how do you keep track of jungle timers with your camps?" and I'd always reply I just feel it and I don't actually keep timers. Jungle instincts. Felt good knownig that it was an edge I could have on other people, to show that I played this game to know when they spawn by heart. But now that doesn't matter 0 skill gg lol This game has gotten rid of too much of the skill gap things that made top players able to consistently win that bad players are beating good players because of how violatile the game is now and how the game plays itself with pacing and the champions/items themselves. There's no real decision making to be made anymore with builds as certain items are broken and you need a certain amount of CDR or you just lose. I remember how with my VI I used to always build warrior - blade of the ruined king - cleaver and people would always go "lol wtf is that build, troll/squishy" but I could actually life steal and drain tank. But now everyone is a drain tank and deals too much damage by default for the sustain for a melee user to even matter and VI is just outclassed now a days. It's just sad. This game has so much blatent power creep and terrible changes that have taken away the skill and just makes everyone play the same. No way to express or stand out in a game anymore. Playing Rengar? You're just another Rengar player. Playing Khazix? You're just another khazix player. There's nothing to do to stand out. You used to be given a champion, with no set way to play it, and you could play it your way. Each champion had skills with a rough idea on how it was meant to be played but people were innnovative and created interesting tactics, such as AP yi with how to use your meditate and waiting for the perfect moment to Q. Even Lee "insecs" aren't really anything special. Why? Because you don't need to invest in wards or a sightstone, which would make you deal less damage in exchange for the ability to do so. This was good for the game, as it made buying damage not always the correct choice, but buying utility and items to help you perform. But now you have trinkets (another huge mistake in the game), so now it isn't special to see it because every lee has the potential to do so without investing anything into it. It's a huge reason damage is so high, is because these things you used to have to spend gold to get are just free (conqueror with true damage and massive healing, trinkets with free wards). Now you just go straight for damage. But now you are given a champion that has 1 dimensional methods of doing things (like the new Urgot) who literally plays himself. Click 1 ability and walk into the enemy and kill them. The skill. Lots of decision making. It's just an example, I could make others for other champions.
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