@Rioters - Try being a decent human being tomorrow and players will respect you more :).

...you know before you brainstorm another way to tell your player base "Gofuckyourselfs" once again for continuing to give you chance after chance. You'd think with the people you hired to boost your image, somehow your relationship with the community would be getting better? I dunno if it's someone "higher up" forcing really bad choices on the players... but you're slowly turning into EA. I know Rioters are pretty much a meme at this point for being a joke in the gaming community, but I honestly feel like the game still has hope... Please stop giving players more reasons to quit. Have a bit of respect for your own game. A player who stuck with you since 2011 and is very disgusted with you attempting to "Bait and switch"/not inform players about nerfing gains on already purchased tickets. I really wanted to be nice about this, but you clearly didn't care once again.
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