Irelia is one of riots greatest mistake

So they rework a champ, they give her just about EVERYTHING the game has to offer, a Q dash that resets, magic damage in basic attacks, damage reduction, a wide no escape ult with a kit that already allows no escape and a stun that is so wide slower characters cannot really escape it. Her stun also marks them so she WILL get an early kill where the marked cannot even escape because she can just spam her broken Q and always keep on their trail, she can spend a looooong time taking reduced damage that CC does not interupt and during all this she is somehow tanky with just tiamat and sheen. Not tank items as far as I know but she just wont die. Her kit is an unbalanced disaster, but it's LoL so that is normal. Her kit is a couple of steps worse than most others but yeah, it's normal. Why I call her one of riots greatest mistakes is how they handled her rework. Remember old Irelia how she had true damage in basic attacks and her passive granted tenacity based on the number of surrounding enemies? Well, giving her new passive a basic attack boost with magic damage to "make up" for the loss of her true damage is so inbred thinking I cannot imagen. Right before Irelia's rework came out they released the new conqueror. I do not call it a coincidence that they release a keystone that grants BONUS TRUE DAMAGE right before they release a champ they remove that aspect from. They released a keystone that just happen to fit perfectly too the champ they released that also grants her what the rework took away and changed upon. They cuddled so hard with the rework she had to be hot fixed because she was so broken, and still just landing a stun means death because she gets bonus magic damage, true damage, spammable Q for easy chase and if she even feels a strong attack comes she just mash W and ba-da-bim! Safe trade. Also the disgusting sustain that conq gives aswell? HOW IS SHE NOT A BROKEN MISTAKE!? Everyone knows Conq is not a balanced rune in the first place, but having it made for a champ to give back what she lost alongside the extra magic damage from her passive? Seriously, nerf irelia. Balance her out, break her, remove her, bury her. I don't care anymore. I'm just so sick of knowing whatever I do in lane can be brought down in an instant if she hits her stun. Even if she is at half health she can still pull her BS out and kill you. It's worse than the Darius rework when it was fresh out. Just balance her already, properly.
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