Riot, I don't think diamond players like your reworks

[stat sauce]( Interesting stuff: {{champion:84}} - 69.5% ban rate {{champion:39}} - 62.1% ban rate {{champion:6}} - 34.8% ban rate (he's the 5th most often banned champ in diamond+) {{champion:104}} - 30.9% ban rate {{champion:266}} - 30.2% ban rate {{champion:28}} - 29% ban rate There's 2 things those guys have in common: they are all highly banned in high elo and they are all recent reworks. Just for grins here are some relatively newer champs with high ban rates as well: {{champion:145}} - 36.2% ban rate {{champion:164}} - 32.6% ban rate (going on 2 years old, she's my cutoff champ for "relatively new") {{champion:555}} - 26.3% ban rate (12th most banned champ in high elo) For a company that balances around high elo, high elo players really don't like playing against champs that were recently made or reworked. It's not like we can blame all of this on CertainlyT either: he's only responsible for 1/9th of those flaming bat turds. Considering 9 out of the top 12 champs that are banned in diamond are recent additions or reworks, I think this stink is systemic. While riot can riot off people crying on the boards about game balance of late, I think that 75% of the ban in high elo being against newer champs speaks volumes about how riot's philosophy of champ design is taking a nosedive. The only other 3 champs on that list are Yasuo (CertainlyBS), Morgana (always OP), and Kass (always either OP or unplayable). I think the diamond ban rates for newer champs and reworks are great case for arguing that riot doesn't know how to make or rework champions anymore. The best players in the game hate your recent works. For everyone who says that league isn't a fun as it used to be, I think we have at least one reason why: riot is releasing too much stuff that people hate playing against. What has riot done for us lately? Given us a crap load of headaches. Rather than play or play against one of riot's new champs or reworks, the best players in the game are saying "no thank you" en masse. I think it's pretty clear that riot's reworks and newer champs are hurting league simply because people are actively banning the new stuff. Whatever riot is doing, the players aren't liking it. PS. Sejuani, another champ riot decided to screw around with, is sitting on a 1% pick rate and 42% win rate. Nunu and Zac aren't doing much better. I'd like to call your gameplay designers clowns, but I think it's pretty clear shaco would be a better game designer than the lot of you posers.
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