Questions for Gaming Companies (Riot specifically)

I've been a long time gamer, and I've never understood why some gaming companies make the choices they do. I've always been a competitive gamer but I still fail to see why some companies (Riot and Blizzard being the biggest offenders) make blatantly awful choices. Anyone who PVP'd competitively in WoW knows that frost mages have been BROKEN for about 2-3 years now, completely 1 shotting some people. Some classes like WW Monk have sucked balls for 1-2 years. The only difference is that Frost Mages have gotten buffed and WW has gotten nerfed. I just can't understand why. Another example for those of you who play league. Zed and LB have been dumping on people since their release. Then you have champions who have sucked for so, so long. Quinn, Zac, Yorick, Taric, Morde, MF, and so many others. Yet you don't buff them and you hardly touch the strong champs. I'm so baffled as to just why? You throw a random nerf at champs who aren't even amazing at what they do like shyvana yet yesterday a Diana jungle two shot me. Why does it take so long to make decisions that most or the competent player base could make in a day? I mean it should be so easy, the numbers could be hard to balance but at least there would be change. I blame everyone at Riot, honestly. I love your game but damn you guys need help balancing it. Nerfs should come to a champion because they are too strong. If LB is the most mobile champ in the game it should be a no brainier that they shouldn't do much damage. I mean seriously who at Riot Games thought of stuff like that? Who said "man all these people are talking about Mobility Creep are idiots let's make Ekko" and forget who came up the idea here is my main problem - WHY ISNT ANYONE AT RIOT PREVENTING THAT STUFF. From the LCS casters to the champ designers to the graphics guys. We love you, but we all play a part in speaking out when someone makes a bad choice. Stop letting the bad changes go through and start making sure good ones do good through. Thank you
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