Reguarding Aatrox @meddler lets discuss

as of right now aatrox is on the weaker side of champ simply due to the fact his passive draws to much potential power from this rest of his kit( lol trynd fiora anivia) but he really isn't the stickiest of champs without botrk / randuins nor does he have as much damage as all the other champs under the same classifications fighter / tank or necessarily scale as well either right now aatrox has a few problems such as 1. to dependent on snowballing, gains almost no power from farming like many other fighters / tanks where has he becomes an unstoppable monster if he gets ahead in items but if he doesn't or the opponents catch up he is practically useless champ. 2. to dependent on items which isn't necessarily a bad thing yes the base damages on his E and Q are high but i'm more interested in scaling and utility then base damages 3. too susceptible to burst ,CC and AOE Due to squishy nature ( i call him the jello swordsman) 4. he doesn't exactly get rewarded for being up close and personal 5. passive heals is flat health and not max .. and he doesn't even get a benefit from spawning in the middle of the team.w these 3 things may be overlooked at first glance when looking at aatrox but they draw out a deeper problem with aatrox due to inherent nature of his kit. he can be toxic if buffed and i agree i have played many aatrox games where i got out of hand and simply destroyed everything in sight but if he isn't ahead at all even on equal footing he still holds chances to lose while not making up for being weak behind. in order to fix aatrox we need to take away some of his " get ahead and stomp everything power" and look at him in the long run champs with late game prowess. maybe if you took away some of his base damages and replaced it mediocre base damages that scaled with total ad rather then bonus ? like sions Q is really strong it has a charge maybe aatrox Q can be treated the same way for a long range engage ? i'm not saying to give aatrox % damage HP damage i'm saying we need to look at him and make him stand out from the ordinary i will make another post with ideas for aatrox changes
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