My Interpretation of The New Support (Ability Prediction)

I like trying to predict abilities and what they want to do with the new Champions when they are teased with an image and a vague description. So I'll try to make a kit that revolves around the idea of this dark Support drowning it's enemies. Passive Abyssal Rage When allies or enemies are afflicted with Hard Crowd Control, it gains a stack of Drowned. This stacks up to 10 times, each stack providing 5% tenacity to itself. Upon 10 Stacks it will go into Abyssal Rage, the next Crowd Control It inflicts against the enemy will last 50% longer consuming 2 stacks, the next Crowd Control effect against It allies will be mirrored unto the enemy who inflicted it and cleanse Its ally instead, consuming 5 stacks. Ability 1 Abandon Rush It charges forward with reckless abandon, knocking away all enemy minions and stunning them for 1/2/3/4/5 seconds. When colliding with an enemy champion, It Mauls the victim for 1 second, dealing 75/120/150/200/275 Physical Damage (+30% Bonus AP). However during this time It recklessness makes It take 60%/50%/45%/30%/20% increase damage from enemies for 3 seconds and Crowd Control effects will last longer if it's struck by it. If the victim was under 50% HP, the Maul cannot be cleansed, if the Victim was under 20% HP, it pierces CC Immunity. Ability 2 Protection Of The Deep It charges to it chosen ally, knocking away enemies in it's path, after arriving to it's ally It cleanses any Crowd Control effect they had and blasts away enemies close to them. If it cleanses any Crowd Control effect, the blast will mirror the Crowd Control effect and do the knockback. If the ally was below 50% HP, they will gain a shield based on 20% of their missing health. The Shield's missing health value is increase by 2% per stack of Abyssal Rage. Ability 3 Roar of The Abyss After charging up for some time, It let out a loud roar that knockback enemies near It and slow all enemies in a massive radius (think of Twitch's Ult Circle when he ults, that's the radius). He will then generate the Abyssal Shield that has 50-300 HP (+10% Max Health) when receiving damage from basic attacks It will slow down the attack speed of enemies by 20%; increasing by 5% per stack of Abyssal Rage. If hit with Crowd Control, it will be immune and apply it to the enemy who inflicted it instead. (Does not effect Knockup or Knockbacks) Ultimate The Terror of The Deep It dives into the ground, gaining 50% movement speed and 30% damage reduction. It will generate a Whirlpool around itself, slowing enemies while It still moves. It can reactivate it's ability to Ground itself and start dragging enemies into the center of the ability, if enemies are below 50/60/65/70/80% of their max health they will be Grounded. If any enemies are dragged into the center, they will be devoured into the abyss and the Whirlpool will implode, dealing 200/300/400 magic damage (+30% Total AP) knocking up all enemies inside it for 1.25/1.5/2 seconds while the Enemy who was dragged into the center will be knocked up for 1.75/2.25/2.75 seconds. The ability last 10 seconds while it moves, and when it re-activates lasts 5 seconds or instead or the remaining duration if the ability duration is under 5 seconds. So there ya have it. MY interpretation of our newest Support in the works. Let me know how you'll think they would make this Sea Monster of a Support champ!

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