ADC champions are too OP in ARAM after Riot reverted critical strike items!

Riot edited critical strike items back to what they were 1 year ago to make adc's growth curve a little bit smooth in mid game, cool, I agree - it does make adc feel fair in ranked games. However, in ARAM, the change makes ADC too OP. ADC almost always have more gold than tanks or fighters in ARAM (because ranged champions can CS more) and have the same level as tanks or fighters in ARAM (in Rift, ADCs are always 1 or 2 levels lower than top lane). These already give ADC advantage over tanks and fighters. And now, ADCs can get decent attack damage, decent attack speed, and 50% (!!!!!!!!) critical chance with only two items, which completely destroy the tanks and fighters (when ADCs get two items, tanks and fighters usually only have 1.5 items in ARAM). Now I feel that if one side has ADC, the other side doesn't, then the side with adc wins 90% games, which is ridiculous. It's just too hard to play against ADC in ARAM when your team unluckily do not get an ADC. There is no way to tank ADC's damage, from beginning to the end of the game. So bad.
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