Neeko is surprisingly fun to play against

Now this is just impressions I got from 2 games against her, but I actually find Neeko kinda enjoyable to play against. One minute I see a low health Jhin, then I go in to get him, but it’s a full health Neeko that’s now attempting to burst me. Or I see Warwick coming up from river while I was in lane, but I know how to deal with him so I start retreating and mentally preparing myself to deal with him. Then the real Warwick ambushes me from the bushes from red top tower (my side), while the fake one didn’t do anything and went back to mid. I might be sounding sarcastic, but I’m actually having a good time because I know I got big brained. It wasn’t because she dealt and a massive amount of damage, or because she built a certain item. I got outplayed because she outsmarted me, and her team played around it. I can’t get mad at that. Edit: WOW. I leave the boards for a few days to take exams, and this blew up. Edit 2: apparently I pissed some people off with my post. I didn't think this would actually blow up like this, but I think I'm aloud to enjoy the game how I want, and say whatever I want about the character. So screw you.
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