Thoughts on new turrets

A few days ago, I made a short post about how I think the new turrets are a step in the right direction. This is a follow up to that since I’ve had more games with the new turrets. I still stand behind what I said that the turrets are much better now than they were all season. It’s not as punishing to the state of the lane to go back to base or getting killed. However I still think there needs to be some work done on them. One of my minor complaints is that I honestly don’t see why the outer turret’s plating needs to go. I’d like the shield to remain until the turret dies. It has extra assurance, you get gold, and it slows down a split pusher. I think the damage of the turrets could be higher. Sometimes tower dives seem to forgiving, and minion clearing is still kinda slow. Inner turrets are still very weak. I know at this point it’s the teamfights that protect the base, but I still think inner turrets and base turrets could use some extra protection. Maybe not 5 plates on the outer ones, maybe 3 instead. A problem with this is that games might take longer than they need to be (maybe annoyingly so), and split pushing champs might have a bad time, but I still think they need a bit more power. I also kinda wish laser turrets in the base would come back. Those were pretty cool. This is just my thoughts on them. Even if they never touch turrets again, I’m satisfied with where they are, because landing phase, and the general pace of the game, feels better. The outer ones are not made of tissue paper, and I’m thankful for that.

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