What this game needs for longtime returning players... @Riot

It's been about 6-8 months since I last played League (with the exception of a handful of ARAM and URF with friends). I'm a Competitive nut, I love Ranked, and to get straight to the point: In the Collection tab, where you can view champions, their overview, their abilities and their skins, there should also be a tab for History, reflecting and showing all the changes the champion has received since the beginning of time. Sure, I could go to the League wiki to check each and every individual champion that I actually care about (instead of sifting through page after page of patch notes), but it'd be really nice and handy to have in the League client too. I've gotten that itch to play League again after so long, and I remember reading a few months ago about Janna having her shield decaying, but I don't see that on Janna's page so I'm unsure if it ever went live, or if the tooltip hasn't been updated for her page.
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