New Champions

Every time a new champion comes out people consider them op. Don’t get me wrong sometimes riot gives them a little too much of scaling with abilities and then then gets nerfed right away. I feel like most of the time these champions, people just don’t know how to play against them. I remember when Elise came out and the community was like hey this chick is op. Looking back sense she has gotten more buffs then nerfs she wasn’t that bad at all. But this came down to people not knowing how to play. Even Neeko our newest champion is strong but I don’t think ground breaking. But she dies have a great kit that is unique. This is where people go this champ is op because we dint know how to play against. I feel lured have been a few champions that riot did leave the power meter in too much. If you like this you can watch and follow my twitch Protojey Join the chat and we can discuss everything from champion to item to this season of lcs

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