After Playing a lot of matches with veigar

He honestly is super balanced, your early and laning phase is super weak. Stun is super hard to hit and without it you won't land a w so you can't be aggressive. He is somewhat weak the sense that he has to *hope* he lands his stun to go in and trade, in my opinion his mana consumption and his passive are terrible and simply adds onto his bad early. However should your opponent let you stack up and get ahead, thou shall snowballith harder than anyone has ever snowballed before. His stun fits his thematics in a sense that "he plays off of mistakes" (which in my opinion isn't healthy because you don't see too many mistakes in high level play ) so I can see why it has a delay, that delay might be 1 second to long but I digress, I think he should refund some of the mana he uses from his q if he stacks a minion, monster, champion etc. But overall {{champion:45}} is my favorite champion and I currently only use his final boss skin because every other one ( and i have tried all of his skins out) look terrible in game. Q.Q {{item:3070}} {{champion:45}} {{item:3070}} No matter how much you ~~shrink~~ nerf me i'll always be the **MASTER** of evil {{champion:17}}
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