After being a fizz main for 6 years I gave up on fizz and switched to Nasus

Reasons: 1 You don't have to play aggresive, you can simply chill and farm and outscale. 2 You don't have to outplay your opponents, you just chill, freeze and jungler ganks for you or you simply outscale your opponent. 3 People can't counter you by taking barrier or getting zhonyas/stopwatch 4 You can't get poked down because of your passive you'll simply heal up after getting poked, also you outscale every single ranged champ in the game. Megative things: {{champion:133}} but lucklily not many people play that cancer nowadays. No pressure early game, if your jungler gets invaded and mid laner and top laner roams you're fucked. Champs that can 1v1 you late game (if you didn't get 500 stacks in 19-20 minutes: {{champion:24}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:11}} Champs that may annoy you in teamfights: {{champion:86}} He just silences you and you can't use your abilities. Since you're both frontline he'll aim at you. Jungler + lane opponent combination to be afraid of level 2 {{champion:29}} +{{champion:23}} + 1 more thing AP Nasus support works
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