If seeing a champion makes you groan, they are OP or broken

Lets be honest. Seriously. When you see say, {{champion:80}} you think, okay he might be hard in lane but he can fall off later. When you see {{champion:92}} you think, okay shes annoying but pretty easy to burst down When you see {{champion:11}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:122}} you go, okay...uh they can get wrecked early and then still manage to slaughter your team while being very hard to kill. Shit. You KNOW they can become a problem do to they nature of their kits. Even if YOU play against them properly in lane, that has NOTHING to do with the chance of them getting into a team fight later and then ulting and killing everyone despite being behind. And you can't control that, because you can't control the rest of the team. I feel like everyone just justifies certain champions because they can A)be countered or have counterplay and B) might not do as well at top level of play. But the bulk of the game is not top level play. And any champions can be countered or have counterplay--that doesn't mean they aren't too strong or their kit isnt obnoxious. Some kits have an inherent unfairness in that. more so than other champions, their ability to recover is much higher than other champions due to how they can capitalize in team fights even when behind.
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