Jungle data gathering / Help us know your early game better

Hey guys, we have a change coming soon to a PBE near you meant to help us improve our understanding of how people jungle (especially early game). When we tried to poke into some of the responses we got it became very apparent that people address the jungle in **very **different manners. Lots of small changes add up to huge swings in what champions look like coming out of their first clear. What this means for us is that it's hard to balance early jungle without some more insight, so we're calling on you guys to help. We're putting a change that is **PBE ONLY** to help build this shared understanding of how junglers jungle individually: A set of buffs that track your jungle progress in the first portion of the jungle. By giving us a direct peak at how you interact with the jungle you give us a chance to improve it. Maybe by making a mechanism more clear, rebalancing a camp, or many other systems. But first this type of information would help us know **which** systems. Here's what the buffs look like: http://i.imgur.com/GqqauMg.png (The primary buff) http://i.imgur.com/13KFFU4.png (After taking 1 camp. In this case, Krugs) http://i.imgur.com/B12h25a.png (After taking 2 camps. Krugs and then Razorbeaks) It would be super useful to get these value from you guys from champions you expect to play in the jungle. I'm especially interested in the contrast of: The results of these after you tried it how you normally play the jungle. And The results of these after you tried to optimize beyond what you normally do (possibly with the help of these buffs). Please post your findings here: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/eEWEardJ-request-screenshots-of-jungle-stats :)
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