Traps be Visible Through Allied Towers

{{champion:51}} Putting her Traps (Yordle Snap Trap) around a spot of your own tower to where you can even see it is kinda dumb. I'm not saying OH MY GOD this shit is broken because if you see her do it you can just keep a mental note that its there. In the situation say you are the support and you had your eyes were elsewhere or any other reason you may not be looking at that exact moment, you have nothing to let you know that there is a trap there and I feel like this kind of information should be given to you since it is under **YOUR** tower. If there was at all a way to see it there I wouldn't even bother making a post about it, but its not like that one ward spot on Baron that makes it hard to click on because you can move you camera in a way for you to click on it. Without seeing her at the moment she places it there is no way of you know its there unless you step on it. Now obviously ONLY allied towers thats it, nothing else. Just a small outline of the trap through the tower would be enough. Disclaimers so people don't get the wrong idea I'm not saying {{champion:51}} is broken I'm not saying she should be nerfed or anything similar I'm not raging saying this interaction needs to be removed immediately
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