bring back how ranked used to be with blind pick....because it is annoying as hell how i get literally nothing but supp because people can and do refuse to do it......yes i choose autofill because i shouldnt have to lock in something else. The people that do not want it changed are the people who want to refuse to supp...... lets see supp get blamed for every loss the vast majority of the time, its boring its like watching your friend play farmville while you comment every so often ohhh yahhh so fun and you wonder riot why people hate supp...its boring, not a lot of impact, even if you do make good plays you literally get 0 credit for doign them or using actives or what ever you can do to save people. Riot no one likes to supp ever, look at smite and heroes of the storm will you they both have blind draft and im telling you this i rarely have to supp and even if i do its fun because im not doing it every single match and even when ranked was the blind pick i rarely recall having to supp that much. thank you
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