ADC is really fun right now

Everyone should consider playing AD ! Its a really fun role that is 100% impactful and necessary. Here are some reasons why. Like dealing damage ? Well, we have 3 champs for that exact purpose! Whats that? There are more than 3 champions in the ADC role ? Well i think you misunderstood me. You want to deal damage, you have to pick from the three. Like being useless until 25 minutes or 3 items ? Well this is the role for you! Just make sure your other lanes are winning, otherwise, good luck staying relevant in CS to get to that 3 item mark. But baby, once you hit that magic number you're gonna love the damage you put out. Until one of the strong top lane tanks catches you with one CC because, unless you brought cleanse or a QSS or are a god at spacing, one CC and you're toast. Just politely ask that top laner to not teleport down to your lane so you can have time to become that great damage source. Like attacking fast ? Our kits were designed for that! Well, until you get your zeal item.Oh and a few levels. And don't worry about that tank that's 3-4 levels above you with 2-3 armor items and some HP to boot. Whats that? Your team needs you for a big fight ? Well hold on there partner you are about 1200 gold away from a cool item. So you need some time. Just don't fight. You know, because everyone follows that advice. Are you social person ? Well you're in luck! We come stock equipped with a little buddy by our side, watching our back, providing wonderful support. Oh they missed all their abilities ? They are 2 levels behind? Well just let them get some items, which oddly enough makes you stronger. Everyone knows it takes two to tango! Show me another role that can be 12/1 with decent CS and a relevant level and still be as useless as a wet napkin unless surrounded by an entourage. I also hate that our fate is 100% tied to a support who, unless you duo que'd with, will most likely be more of a hindrance than a help. And yes this post is 100% facetious and salty, i'm just venting after playing ADC myself, and then watching some streamers who are by no means bad players, but they just end up being useless because their supports are potatoes or the enemy tank happens to have a brain, or that mid laner just has infinite pressure and sits in your lane.
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