Why I am quitting Mordekaiser

[](https://orig00.deviantart.net/8502/f/2014/015/0/a/mordekaiser_is_no_longer__1_by_eltonel-d729tog.jpg) I know this might be a shocker to some people but I finally decided to stop maining Mordekaiser for good. It's not a decision that came out of the blue but it's rather the combined effect of a lot of aspects that have become more prevalent throughout the years. And it really hurts for me to actually try going through with this but I can no longer say that I am happy with Mordekaiser as a champion. He's accompanied me from ever since I started playing League of Legends in early 2013. He was the first champion I ever played and the first one I actually bought a skin for. He has been my Main champion for the past four seasons and I've been through a lot with him. I was a mid lane Morde main when Spirit of the Spectral Wraith was a thing. I was a top lane Morde player when I started picking up tanks, so I always had a strong pick to go up against the likes of Riven I went through the mess that was patch 5.16 Mordekaiser and I gave it my all trying to get him into a better spot, advocating several changes that would finally be realized in patch 6.1, returning Mordekaiser back to his mains who loved him as a solo laner. But it's been almost three years since Mordekaiser's rework and I can no longer bear playing him. It is not because he's a bad champion, hell I still maintain a 60% Win rate with him in ranked. __________________ It is just one major thing that always bothered me but now finally made me decide to stop bothering with this champion. It's Neglection. Mordekaiser as a champion has been forgotten, left in the dust, to rust away in oblivion. He is not getting any balance changes to make him less of a feast or famine champion He's not getting any tweaks to make him more enjoyable for his mains He is neither getting involved in larger-scale lore events, nor is he getting any Skins He needed a VGU for a while now, but got shafted in the Juggernaut Update. And it hurts to admit but maining Mordekaiser is **very** unfulfilling. Mordekaiser as a champion relies heavily on his team, more so than other champion. Mostly because he has **NO AGENCY** over his own success. Other champions can do things on their own, set up fights in their favor, combo their spells differently to outwit their opponents, outplay enemies and overall just be **PROACTIVE** Mordekaiser can't do any of that. He relies heavily on the enemy being stupid enough to fight him on his own terms and utterly fails once people know how to play against him. He offers little in terms of outplay potential and even less in terms of COUNTERPLAY, making Mordekaiser extremely unfunny to actually fight and while I do so very much enjoy Riven main's tears, it has come to the point where I simply can't enjoy Mordekaiser anymore since I can't ignore his sad state and affect on the game's health. He has the **Potential** to be one of the coolest champions. A champion that provides both parties with ways to feel accomplished when playing around his kit A champion that goes beyond simple meme status A champion whose spells are satisfying and promote skillful expression rather than brainless button mashing A champion that can be regarded as a healthy addition to the game A champion that fits into current League and one I could be proud to call my main. _______________________ But he isn't that champion. I have been infatuated by the "Idea" of Mordekaiser, trying to tell myself he's actually the champion I thought he was. But he isn't. Riot has yet to address his issues and bring him up to date and I have grown weary of waiting for the day that happens. So here I am, writing this as I've gone three entire days not playing Mordekaiser. He will always have a special place in my hueart but I can no longer find enjoyment and pride in playing him. Until he gets the VGU he deserves I will be forced to play other champions that deliver on their fantasies way more than my old friend does. Because one way of trying to show Riot that there is a problem is by telling hard truths. And acting on them.
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