Can you guys PLEASE nerf damage, since it's 2019 now?

What's the point of me playing champs like {{champion:89}} when the {{champion:11}} is going to outright kill everyone and everything later on, regardless of our builds? Sure I can CC him, sure we can "hope" to CC him long enough to end the man but if we can't? Well screw armor and resistance, he's going to destroy us. I'm getting VERY frustrated with this game. Champs like {{champion:67}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:236}} ect. are too strong late game, if not mid to early game. Unless we're stomping them early and win early, we basically automatically lose. I've been on a losing streak because despite winning lane and doing well to support my ADC, I can't tank long enough to survive the bullshit late game. I'm not saying I want to tank like a full build {{champion:36}} but just long enough to do my job. This insane damage / deathmatch URF meta needs to chill with how high damage is all around. If this continues, I can't even see myself taking League seriously anymore. Might as well play {{champion:63}} botlane and take all my ADC's kills because who cares, it's all about THE DAMAGE BABY!!! Screw tactics or positioning or being able to survive bursts ;)

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