I've stopped playing League. It's just not the game I came to love.

Nowadays, the game is very unfun. It seems that if your favorite champion is garbage, they'll stay like that, unless Riot reworks them or indirectly buffs them, after which they'll be nerfed over several patches to worse than they were before. Some champions are allowed to be broken forever with only token nerfs, other champions (*cough* Lucian *cough*) get the nerf bat to the knees as soon as they're viable for more than two patches. Trolls are allowed to ruin your games and still queue up for more. Ranked is incredibly frustrating, especially when you get stuck with a troll or against someone who isn't even trying to hide their smurfing during your promos. I have gotten to plat previously, but nowadays I don't feel like grinding the games to get out of gold, and I have barely played more than my placement matches this season. Not to mention that games feel like 8 minutes of meaningful gameplay and 12 minutes of ceremony as a team closes out their inevitable win. Feels like I'm legitimately wasting at least 12 minutes on meaningless gameplay every game. Whenever Riot seems to run out of ideas for something, instead of thinking things through, they just seem to add some randomness and call it a day - incredibly frustrating losing a game based on which side of the map scuttle spawns on, or whether your team gets good dragons or not when you're ahead. The enemy getting 2 fire drakes, then you getting two ocean drakes feels incredibly shitty. Riot just seems to change things for the sake of change nowadays, instead of changing things to make them more fun. I don't even think I've spent more than $40 this year, as opposed to previous years where I've definitely spent triple digits by now. I can't be bothered to play nowadays except with friends, and even then it's been a while since I've felt like logging in. Just my two cents during my work break. Say what you want.
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