Upcoming changes for 9.24

9.24 Patch Targets: Game snowball is better after the hotfix Conqueror viable on fighters and a few mages (no changes yet) Small rift herald buff Changes for Yuumi/Braum to help them be viable for normal play (not just pro) Working on Sylas mechanics for a later patch Nerfs Senna, Ryze, Kassadin, Aurelion Sol, Akali, Garen Buffs Yuumi, Braum, Karma, Rammus, Amumu, Azir, Corki, Sivir Systems Rift Herald reward increase Omnistone ''smart'' rune selection We had multiple hotfixes in 9.23 - don't forget about these Q & A Q: Why Aurelion Sol? A: Asol riding that new conqueror into space (get it). Seriously though, conq play style is fun for him so we think letting him keep it is the better path. Q: Can you share something more about the new 'smartness of omnistone? A: It looks to increase odds for keystones when they are more usable. Nearby low hp champ - dark harvest Far out of combat - predator

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