PSA: Don't call champions like Yasuo broken.

He's unfun to play against is the correct term, numberswise, the champion is balanced, and his kit isn't broken as it seems. There are three terms to define a champion. Unfun to play against Broken Overpowered These three terms are what you use to define a champion. It's as simple as that. Broken doesn't necessarily mean overpowered, but it has the connotation of it. The true meaning of Broken means that the champion's kit doesn't fit right, or something is just so strong, and something else is weak. The kit of the champion itself. Overpowered means the champion is plain out too strong. Unfun means just unfun to play against. Feels unfair, etc etc. So,why do people say, "___ is so broken, gj riot balancing." 9/10 times, the champion is NOT overpowered or broken, and just feels unfair. So please, if you're going to make a rant thread, do it right. -drops the mic-
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