@Riot The Issues of Karma’s Passive and a Suggestion how to “fix” them (constructive :) )

#**Hello Community and Member Riots :)** I am glad that you decided to read this and hopefully leave a Comment ^^ http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/6/68/Gathering_Fire.png Every now and then a Thread pops up on the Gameplay and Balance Board: A Suggestion to change or (re)move {{champion:43}} ’s Passive. Thus, the frequently asked change seems to has its reasons. Lets take a look why people feel that Karma’s Passive is ineffective or unsatisfying: ------------------------------------------------ #**First a Glance at what her Passive does:** > Reduces the Cooldown of Mantra by 2/ 2,5/ 3 Seconds each time, Karma damages an enemy Champion with her Abilities (half for autoattacks). While it is a nice Passive to reduce the Cooldown of her Ult, I believe that without a Passive like that, {{champion:43}} ’s Mantra would become quite useless. #**So lets look at what the Passive has:** * It only provides CDR if an enemy Champion is damaged * It only provides CDR if Mantra is on Cooldown #**So far so good, but these issues become a "real pain" if you take a look at {{champion:43}} ’s Kit and Ability Sequence:** In fact her **Passive and Ultimate are created to go hand in hand**, emphasizing Karma's Mantra concept. Unfotunately, Karma's **Kit seems not to support this**; in contradiction its even "playing against" this "Harmony", forcing decisions often to be either doing the right Mantra or using the Passive at its best. This outlined especially after her "soft rework" some Patches ago, where the additional Damage was removed from RW and RE. * **(1)** The Passive is only supported by a part of her kit (only 3 out of 6 Abilities), these 3 Abilities will always be preferred above the other 3, especially “only” the Mantra’d Q. * **(2)** This means that the Passive does not reward for making the right decisions for your Mantra or Abilities, instead **you feel bad** because you know that you lost lots of CDR from your Passive **for casting your spells in the right order or for making the right decision** (e.g.: Normal Combo for Karma is E-W-RQ, meaning you loose ~6-9 Seconds CDR or RE to save your Team). * **(3)** Looking at the example above (and the points under it) it gets clear, that the Passive “counters” itself more or less. * **(4)** Since you only gain CDR from the Passive when Mantra is on Cooldown, you want to spam it as soon as possible out, whether the moment is right or the decision is. * **(5)** This also means, that Karma has no Passive if Mantra is Off Cooldown. * **(6)** In Addition to this, a Passive like this is normally moved to the Ability associated to it (here the Ult). #**How can these issues be fixed?** There are two ways (I guess): improving the actual Passive so that it feels good or move the Passive to the Ultimate and give {{champion:43}} a new one. To be honest I would prefer it, if the issues on Karma’s passive are fixed, as this is simplier than to implement something completely new I believe: **Fixing Issue 1 and 2:** Inspire and Defiance reduces the Cooldown of every allied Champion shielded by 1,50/ 1,75/ 2,00 Seconds. If Renewal roots an enemy Champion, the Cooldown of Mantra is reduced by 4/5/6 Seconds. **Fixing Issue 3 to 5:** Karma can store up to 4/6/8 Seconds of Gathering Fire, applying instantly after Mantra goes on Cooldown. #**All in one, Karma’s improved Passive would look like this (fixing Issue 6):** > Reduces the Cooldown of Mantra by **2/ 2,5/ 3 Seconds** each time, Karma **damages** an enemy Champion with her Abilities (half for Autoattacks). > > **Inspire and Defiance** reduces the Cooldown of every allied Champion shielded by **1,50/ 1,75/ 2,00 Seconds**. > > If **Renewal** roots an enemy Champion, the Cooldown of Mantra is reduced by **4/5/6 Seconds**. > > Karma can **store up to 4/6/8 Seconds of Gathering Fire**, applying instantly after Mantra goes on Cooldown. _Note: The shield only reduces the Cooldown if an ALLY is shielded, the root only when the Ability is Mantra’d AND actually roots the enemy Champion (to keep the “risky” part of that Mantra). Example Numbers which most probably work without making her OP: (The numbers must not necessarily rise with the Champion Level, they can be static as well) Damage: 2 to 3 Seconds Ally Shields: 1,5 to 2 Seconds Healroot: 4 to 6 Seconds Storing: 4 to 10 Seconds (these should be scaling with Level)_ OR moving her current Passive to her Ult and giving her a new Passive: Example: **New Passive: Balance** > Everytime there is **Damage dealt from Champion to Champion**, Karma **stores 3/6/9 (1/2/3 for AAs) AP**, saving up to 3 (+6 per Level) AP (9 AP at Level 1; 111 AP At Level 18) > If Karma was **not** hit be the Damage, she stores 4/8/12 AP (1.35/2.70/4 for AA's) instead. > (~1000 Range) > **Using an Ability will reinforce it with the full amount of Stored AP**, but karma will **loose 35% of her Storings** and will **not be able to gather AP for the next 2 Seconds.** This Passive is close to her old passive, **BUT** provides counterplay such as focusing Karma or waiting till she casted an Ability. In generell Karma needs some time to "charge". Also you do not have to run at low Health all the time since your stacks are not effected by your health. #**But wouldn’t this make {{champion:43}} super OP?** First of all, these changes would make Karma more “round”, more rewarding and fixes many issues of her Passive and Kit. With these changes you do not need to feel bad for the “wasted” CDR because you just used RE to save your team, instead you feel good and you are rewarded by your Passive for doing “the right thing” rather then being punished by it sometimes. This means if played right, no matter for which Mantra you go, if it was a right/good choice you are rwarded – and not only for casting RQ. It would also separate the “good” Karmas from the “exellent” Karmas. Furthermore this change is usefull in every Lane, be it as a Mid, Top or Support: all these roles can take advantage of these changes, but Supports the most I guess. Indeed with those changes you will get a lot more CDR from your Passive, as intended. How far this overextends the Balance of Karma has to be determined – all numbers are of course exchangeable. I want to emphasize at this point that I do not want Karma to be OP, I just want that she feels good and that her Kit is in harmony, she should have her strengths and weaknesses. One is for sure: it will make Karma stronger, yes, but not necessary OP. #**As my final words to this I would say: I believe this is a change Karma needs.** Please, Riot I know (new) Karma has only a small Fanbase under her feet so this Thread might not get the attention, upvotes or amount of Comments as another Thread with a more popular Champion or Concern, But I ask you to discuss this and bring it at least to the PBE and hear what Players think about how much better (or worse?) Karma feels with those changes. I am sure many Karma Players will support this change and be happy with it :) #**Thank you for Reading and partipicating on this.**
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