Positions and Skillsets - and the decline of the Plan

In my studies of League of Legends, I have found that each position has a distinct set of skills you need to develop in order to excel. Top Lane, more than any other position, requires _psychology._ It's mostly 1 on 1, a duel. Interference is rare and to be able to see it coming is priceless, since no one else will bail you out. To beat your opponent, you must get in-tune with what they want to do, and how they are trying to do it. Then you turn those plans on their head. Reading your opponent, like the other core skills, is valuable in all positions, but in top lane, it is essentially necessary. The Jungle requires _organization_. There's a good deal of stuff to memorize about Jungling, a lot of discrete information - and every Jungler has their own tricks. You're mostly left to your own discretion to figure out how to do things and when and why, and the best Junglers eke out every last ounce of speed, power and advantage. Being able to tick like a clock in familiarity, again, is valuable for every position but none moreso than jungle. Mid laners rely on _tactics_. No position has a faster changing situation than mid. You can get visitors from either side, and you likely won't have enough wards to protect you from every possible surprise. The turret is a short distance away, so combat styles are widely adaptable. You can directly influence other lanes and monsters, and very quickly break your turret. Being able to adapt on-the-fly to the situation is valuable everywhere, but the mid laner depends on it. ADCs must use _precision_. A sense of timing, position, and snap-second reflexes are crucial. There are four players on botlane and you have all the gold and power, so it's essential you use it well. Last hitting is super-important, as is quickly poking either of the two players if they get out of position - or making a run for it the moment a red flicker appears in the river. Reflexes and positional understanding are valuable everywhere but it's most critical for ADCs. And Supports lean on _strategy_. No player receives less gold or has more to react to than the support. Correctly placing wards, spending the pittance you do get on the best possible items for the situation, and the use of those items - right down to who you will support after the lane ends and what you'll do, you need a plan and it needs to be a good one. A thinking cap is handy for all positions, but a Support really needs it to live. ------ And that last one is a problem. Thanks to the item and tool changes, we have no gold, less tools to plan and strategize, and no real way to win the game other than "be Faker". The Rift is more random than ever, and we are losing the tools to diminish randomness and put a plan in motion. League of Legends is not looking fun this season. I hope it gets fixed. (I'm a Support Main who splashes Jungle.)
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