Kayle's changes in 9.8

Patch 9.8 Notes
Passive damage increased. Q cooldown decreased. Amumu now follows enemies hit by Q if they move while he's mid-flight. The sad boi has some room for buffs so we're helping him. While these buffs won't feel too different between skill levels, we expect them to be felt a bit more in higher ranked games.
So the patch says that Kayle's attack speed ratio is being changed: "ATTACK SPEED RATIO0.695 ⇒ 0.667 (the number bonus attack speed uses to calculate its effectiveness, not Kayle's actual attack speed)" It seems like Kayle's attack speed isn't changing but the attack speed she gets from items and buffs is being reduced anyway. Now I've read patch notes pretty well since I started playing at the end of '09, and I've never seen or heard of a change like this. Has this always been an invisible stat? Am I misunderstanding this? Why not just nerf her attack speed growth if they think her attack speed is too high later in the game? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME I'M DUMB! tl;dr: Looks like Kayle's going to get less AS from items and such without having worse base AS? Maybe not? I'm confused and alone, someone hold me.
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