Varus mid is taking over lcs

I believe Varus mid is getting unbalanced, he can poke better than xerath and ziggs (once he gets blue it is insane) while also being able to take structures down easily ('cause he is ad of course). He's not that promped to be an easy gank when he takes {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:1}} and also has his E to slow and his ult to lockdown any threat. I think he is outclassing by far the regular poke mid mages, Varus shouldn't be playing in the midlane! Remember when riot nerfed {{champion:127}}when she was taking over top? and also {{champion:117}} and {{champion:69}} ? I think Varus is no exception and should be rebalanced. Really, I find Varus mid unfun, specially on lcs, boring, really, and when you see him take down a {{champion:69}} 's 35% health with one Q that also goes through minions, you know there is something wrong, {{champion:101}} can't do that.
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