People troll my games because I pick Vel'koz support.

Vel'Koz support in low elo isn't bad. It's quite good actually. People don't know how to dodge, I can poke, have massive impact in teamfight with my ult and steal drakes/baron. I have 52% winrate in ranked with Vel over 370 games. My average kda with him is 3.9/3.6/9.1 and got over 220k mastery points. However sometimes people go complete nutcrackers when I pick him. They tell me it's a troll pick. For example this Sivir yesterday who run it down in botlane and went 0/8/0 in 15 mins because "if I troll pick Vel, she will troll too". 3 days ago I had the same issue with Miss Fortune who ran it down because "she will not play with a Vel support". Also people flame me in lobby. Say the most horrible things sometimes because of my pick. I think I lost maybe 8-9 games because my pick triggered a teammate to troll :( I also had to dodge some champ select because my adc then picked Soraka adc for example because " we lost already with a Vel support " This is really frustrating but I refuse to pick another main in order to make people stop trolling.. I enjoy him the most of all champs so why would I give it up?
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