Can we talk about displacements and knock ups?

Displacements and knock ups need to be affected by Tenacity at this point. Name a new champion that doesn't come with some displacement or knock up. {{champion:141}} has a knock up. {{champion:516}} has a knock up. {{champion:497}} has a knock up. {{champion:164}} has multiple displacements. {{champion:240}} has a knock up (or two not sure if the bear trap counts as a knock up as well) and a displacement. {{champion:50}} rework has a displacement. {{champion:163}} and {{champion:136}} have displacements. Of ALL the champions released since the beginning of 2016. We have {{champion:202}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:498}} and {{champion:142}} . That did not get some displacement or knock up put into there kit. Pyke has a displacement as well. But if they aren't getting Knock Ups or Displacements they are getting new bullshit mechanics as well. Disarm? Sleep? Whats next, Confusion or Paralysis? Confusion, players screen turns grey and they randomly click on dummies to use skills/ do damage to them? Paralysis, enemy champion is stunned + deactivates all passives and abilities going? Similar to silence, but literally imagine Malzahar E on something and then he gets paralyzed instantly gone from the map, or Viktor chaos storm, or Rumble ulti, or Braum ulti. Like come on man. Things are getting out of hand and players don't have access to means to counter these things. The only way to counter these things are to "not get hit by them." But you know how hard that is when every champion is overloaded with near unlimited dashes or forms of engage? Like be honest here.
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