Yasuo has an overloaded kit. Reasons and Quick Fixes

#Major problems in Yasuo's overloaded kit. * Windwall blocks all enemy projectiles. Lasts 4 seconds, and can also block projectiles that are behind him, and in some cases. projectiles that are already making contact with him. * **Steel tempest cooldown scales down with attack speed instead of cooldown reduction**. This results in a double dipping effect when buying attack speed items. And previous instances of double dipping stats have been removed because they are bad for the game (Azir gaining attack speed by building cooldown reduction). * Speaking of double dipping. Phantom dancer gives 45% attack speed, 30% crit chance, and 12% damage reduction against the last champion you basic attacked. Problem with Yasuo building this item is his Q is considered a basic attack for on hit purposes. Including his knockup tornado. Yasuo passive also increases the crit chance of the item to 60% from 30%. **This gives him 1200 gold of free crit stats when buying the item.** * **Yasuo's presence in lane is too safe, and actively makes your ALLY minions work against you.** Because he is able to cast his E sweeping blade on ally minions without any penalty. The cooldown per target jump is 10 seconds scaling down to 6 seconds. When facing against a Yasuo your ally minions are pretty much working with Yasuo. Currently he is able to hop onto a minion, then onto another if not in range, hit the champion with an E, Q, and can then hop 4 more times onto the remaining minions, as well as cast a windwall to ensure no retaliation. # Quick things that make Yasuo oppressive * His ult cant be canceled. * He can cast Q during the ult animation for more damage * He gets free *50%* bonus armor penetration on crits for 15 seconds after casting ult. * His ult is coded to try to place him outside of turret range when hitting someone that is under turret. * Yasuo gets 100% on his passive shield the moment he presses R. # Quick fixes to balance his kit out * Remove double crit chance from his passive. Don't have to remove it from the game, Maybe add it to his ult instead of making 50% bonus armor pen. he has 15 seconds of double crit chance. But currently his passive is WAY to gold efficient to be balanced. * Please just put Yasuo behind the target he is ulting, if it is in turret range. Yasuo pressed R. Make him commit to his mistakes? * Yasuo wind wall should have health bar, When the health bar is broken the wind wall dissipates. Auto attacks do small amount of damage, skills do higher. ultimates remove the wind wall. * Introduce a charge system on Yasuo's E to allow 3 consecutive hops with a 10 second cooldown per charge would feel a lot more counter playable in lane. Scaling up.
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