Analyzing Liandry's Passive

Liandry's currently has changes on PBE where there is a slight % max health damage increase (0.5%). I wanted to discuss the passive and how I think it is flawed. **Liandry's Concept:** My understanding is that Liandry's is supposed to be the tank busting AP item. How quickly it shreds a tank is a matter for the balance team. But the point is that you buy it to deal with high HP tanks. **Personal Experience:** I main {{champion:27}} and have two accounts in diamond. There are different ways Singed mains play the champ. My typical build is {{item:3116}} and {{item:3742}} into situational items after that. I don't usually build {{item:3151}} but I have gotten it on occasion when facing stuff like {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} or {{champion:14}} . **In these situations Liandry's has felt extremely underwhelming - like it just tickles my high HP tank opponent who usually has {{item:3194}}. ** **Liandry's and Singed Mains:** The Singed mains who buy Liandry's the most are the one's who typically build AP. Liandry's is a decent all-around AP item on Singed and actually helps do significant damage to squishy targets. **This Constitutes An Item Failure:** From my experience playing and watching other Singed mains, Liandry's fails because it doesn't function in the niche that it is supposed to. It amplifies damage to all targets but doesn't really put that much fear into the target it is designed for: high HP tanks. **Some Quick Maths:** Suppose you have a 3500 HP tank that reduces incoming magic damage by 50%. If you use the 2.5% max HP value (for movement impaired targets) on Liandry's, the passive is doing 43.75 hit points after the 50% damage reduction. While I don't want to write this off as irrelevant, it also isn't that much. A full five seconds of this (quite a long time in a teamfight) will do 218.75 damage to a 3500 HP target. **The Problem:** An underlying issue with the present values is that if you raise the % max HP damage to something that actually burns tanks, champions like Singed will become far too effective against squishy targets who have less MR. **My Solution:** The passive needs to do two things to accomplish the tank busting purpose without making the item OP against non-tanks: (1) The % max hp damage should be true damage; (2) The passive should only activate against targets with at least X hit points. This could also be scaling. **Example:** The numbers I use here are completely hypothetical subject to change by the balance team. But here's an example: "Deal 2.0% max HP of true damage over one second to targets with 2000 HP or more. Increases by 0.5% every additional 500 HP of the target."

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