The Story of How I Came just Short of Winning a Game and Getting a Pentakill

I would like to preface this with letting everyone know this is my first post on the boards and I am sorry if I have made an error such as if this post doesn't fit under "Gameplay". So recently I have been messing around in normals with Nasus {{champion:75}} for a couple of games because the damage after stacking for a while is ridiculously fun. I hadn't played Nasus since I was about level 15 so I do not have much experience on the Doge whatsoever. Just in my last game some pretty crazy stuff happened, you can look at it here if you want all the details. I was laning against Fiora, a champion I always struggle with (by the way I'm a Jungle/Support main who rarely plays top so I don't know the matchups very well). During the early game I didn't respect her damage and vital positioning. {{item:2033}} was not nearly enough to keep me alive every time I went for a cannon minion. At just level 2 she flash dove me, escaping the tower with less than 10 hp, it was heartbreaking. She snowballed ridiculously from that point and I foolishly kept trying to stack. A {{item:3024}} held her off momentarily but when my jungler ganked she easily got her ult off and she double-killed us. Thankfully, the rest of my team (all friends in a premade except our jungler) were doing quite well. We were all trying out new champs so we had trouble solidifying any of our leads. At this point I was incredibly weak and decided it was best to farm and stack up, split-pushing wherever Fiora wasn't. Fiora continued to wreak havoc any time she got to our back-line, but as a result of our communication in the voice chat we could hold off any of the rotations they tried, even winning some mid-game teamfights when Fiora was elsewhere or could be somehow nullified by CC. I did manage to single-handedly take several side-lane towers but almost always died while pushing to a multi-man gank. At last, after doing this for another 20 minutes (while the other team got barons, dragons, turrets, towers and aces) I was nearly full build and at 600 stacks. I know this might not seem like much because it was past the 40 minute mark, but keep in mind I had something like only 150 stacks by around 20 minutes due to Fiora destroying me in lane. Soon, they stormed our base after I got caught splitting and we lost the ensuing team fight, then we all respawned just in time to attempt to fend off two seperate hordes of super minions and their whole team who was crashing the nexus. I practically one shotted their squishies (Lux and MF), we focused down fiora, then frantically cleared the terrifying minion wave that had piled up and our nexus was saved at sub 200 HP. This resulted in the enemy team being aced and we were left towerless. Thankfully, our two open inhibs respawned soon after. At this time we decided to group mid as 5 and with {{item:3078}} I was Q'ing for upwards of 1400 damage. We walked up to their inhibitor tower and I was unkillable, they _threw _ everything at me as I used my passive life steal to "PLUS 6" all 4 of them for the smooth Quadra Kill. Then, there was their Yasuo who was hiding under their nexus towers. Yasuo was quite underfed and wouldn't have been able to do anything about the 4 of us left walking up and quickly hacking down their base with a couple of my Siphoning Strikes (Q's), as the rest of his team had death timers of over a minute long. Although... I _really wanted the Penta_. It's not like it was my first penta (I've had quite a few in all honesty) but I just couldnt resist. So I ran around the nexus and I tried to cut him off as he raced towards the fountain. He dashed through me and into the healing zone so I dove him. Being super tanky I had time to auto in order to pop his flow shield, then I reset with a Q leaving him with a shred of HP. I died to the laser. The Jhin on my team who was tanking the nexus towers so I could be at full HP for the dive tried died instantly to the fountain as well. Swain with his superior range finished Yasuo off but only he and Tahm ---- our worst tower pushers, being AP and tanky ---- were left to take the base (Master Yi had died earlier). They slowly took down their two open inhibitors then recalled just in time to defend our base as the enemy team was about to respawn. Everyone on our team respawned in time for one final team fight where the rest of my team got caught out early. They were cut down by a multi-man Yasuo ult and by the time I was able to arrive their chain CC and Fiora's true damage was too much for me. Master Yi, my jungler was no-where to be found (back in my day as a jungler, I didn't farm during team fights xD). Regardless, they had a minute and a half to take our base which they easily did. TLDR; That my friends, is the epic story of how I fed, carried, then threw in one of the most intense League of Legends games of my life... but it was fun.
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