Sion and Sej

These two champs are the reason I would take a burst meta over a tank meta. But why???? Because these two idiot champs build full tank and still out damage you. Because you can win lane against Sion but aslong as he gets 1 tank items he becomes untradeble with. Because sej, a tank champion can 1v1 almost any other jg because you are cc'd and a dumb run called Aftershock. Regardless of being fed or not these champs get rewarded for going in like a brainless ape. Taking 0 damage and being able to kill basically anyone or walk out with 80% or more health like they didn't just go into a whole team. At least I can kill an assassin if he makes a mistake, but not these two morons. Unless I have a fucking 10/0 vayne that isn't CC'd for the whole fight. And I wouldn't mind the tankyness but you also can't ignore them because they still do a lot of DAMAGE. Why can't takes just be tanks. You either break them and make them all be like Sion and see. Or you make them useless and non existent.
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