Why are they looking at Ahri's Q movement speed?!

Listen. Listen. She's my main and I've put so much money into her, as you can obviously tell. I have every single skin, I don't want my favorite champion ruined beyond belief as Riot usually ends up doing. She has the most mains in the game, doesn't she? We absolutely have to make an outcry IF they mess her up, I'm not saying they will. They're right in saying her W isn't the greatest ability, and that she can't snowball nor fall off well. That's true, and separating bad Ahri's and letting them do worse from good ones who could do better sounds amazing, really. It does. But why are we calling the MS buff on her Q "too safe"? I understand that yes, it is. But why are we looking at THAT when Fizz has a free fucking Zhonya's that deals a shitton of damage? I'm sorry, using her Q at least requires some iota of dodging to make the MS buff useful. Fizz can outright dodge a Tibbers stun. How is Ahri too safe with her Q (she really is with her R, not debating that) when Fizz isn't?! Please, at least, don't touch her Q being what it is aside from the movement speed buff (and if you do remove it, please compensate PROPERLY), and please keep R and E as they are. Spirit Rush and Charm are great, I'd really hate to see them ruined.
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