Ryze- A forgotten story.

When Ryze was reworked to balance him (?) Riot removed his shield and gave him easier kit to do damage. The reality is...he lost his identity. Riot said they are happy with Ryze having 47-48% wr. Garen had 50%, Riven had 50%+ wr...but why weren't they happy with them? The way Pros abused ryze till MSI 2019 actually made me angry cause i knew he will get hit hard. I expected a nerf in splitpush and dueling and buff in teamfight. But they basically killed his 1v1 and in team fight he feels like press as many keys as possible and try to do whatever damage you can and maybe you can pop seraphs or zhonya for another round of spells. The shield removal was really bad for certain playstyle. I agree constant shield is cancer but they could have reworked it like Ryze cant proc the shiled again in 4,5,6 whatever seconds. He is really boring now and fell into the trend of S9...Do burst damage or die to burst damage. Ryze mains are actually victim of proffesional play and Riot's lack of idea and not being open to suggestions.
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