where are people getting this idea that ashe sucks?

I just looked up the ADCs who are doing the worst (which is surprising since i believe ADCs are SUPER busted this season which is the reason i stopped playing mid lane and exclusively ADC. mostly with ashe) The results are honestly not surprising either. {{champion:21}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:202}} Kalista i don't care about because that bitch should have never been created. They gave an ADC a free jump by auto attacking or using their Q shortly after nerfing lucian to the ground for being "too mobile" Ezreal got fucked over once again because of some busted mastery called kleptomancy and now hes barely worth playing ONCE AGAIN because the actual problem with the game was not addressed Lucian i love you homie, but with your auto attack range still being low you're going to continue being cheeks Misfortune is a no mobility ADC with no heavy damage and a mediocre slow to fight with, of course shes going to get shit on this season idk why people bitched and complained about jhin being too strong. Hes a pretty fair character TBH and actually has counterplay. doesn't help the fact the items he use to use got shat on a long with none of the runes really fitting him. when it comes to ashe, she has good auto attack range, permanent CC AND she has a fat global ultimate that stuns and does aoe damage. Also with wards being limited in this season her E is REALLY helpful with giving vision which is also global. where is this talk of ashe being bad coming from?
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