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Does anyone remember when you could click on a champ in store then hover over an ability icon and see all the math behind it? Thats gone and has been gone for a while. So if I were to lose to champion in a method that feels unfair, unless I have purchased the champion I need to leave League of Legends and find it out else where. Also some of the descriptions are just awful. Some of the wordings don't tell you much on anything, Morgana's snare is labeled as "snaring enemies for a short period of time", HOW LONG? HOW MANY? "Zilean places a time rune on an allied champion teleporting them back in time and reviving them if they die" 1. Does this function like Ekko Ult? 2. How much HP are the revived at? All of the items give an exact description of what happens, abilities should as well. The in game wording on abilities is always better than the portfolio wording. The examples above are both pretty basic, but the math around some of the new, more expensive champions is hard to remember, it does not help me much if I can only get information on the champions I play/currently playing. RIOT: "We do not want people to feel that the took damage from nowhere 'Invisible damage'" So why is it that all damage dealt, unless you know the number for the champion _**which are not available anywhere in the client except for if you are currently playing that champion**_ is invisible, or opaque damage. If people are supposed to know how they died, then why is it that you could die to a series of text telling you almost nothing? Stunned for a duration, Snared of a short period of time, Snared of a period of time, Stunned of a time, Silenced for a short duration, Watch out for Morgana's snare it can leaved you trapped! If I saw something like: Cho'gath's Q knocks up for 1 second and applies a 60% slow for 1.5 seconds, then I could feel a bit better about not knowing the damage. BUT I see nothing I see "Tons of Damage" Ton: 1000Kilos or 2200Pounds~ a minimum of 2000 or 4400 damage rarely occurs. Cho'gath Ult deals 1000+70%AP to minions and monsters and 350/475/600+70%AP to champions, that is really clear information. That is a solvable equation. I=Dead: so I took all my health+shields+heals in damage I=Unable to move: so I was snared or stunned, I can't read the clock in the top corner for how long the stun was...I don't know I=Unable to cast spells: Stunned or silenced, same scenario, the clock is not going to help. I can see that Katarina did 1736 damage with her ult, and blitz did 352, and stunned me enroute with his pull, that was all the damage I took. I know exactly how I died, all of the damage I took and all of the CC I received. The damage in the death recap is very clear, as it should be in the champion portfolios. However the CC is almost useless, unless it was in the patch notes and a simple change: "E _Bad aim:_ Talon now slows by 99% for on second" 1 line of text, thats not going to memory for most if not all players. "Brand got a nerf on his E and a buff on Q&W" might be remembered, but not that Q has a scaling AD ratio. One last time: the CC is so poorly worded that it is of little to no use at all.
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