Pyke gets far too much gold from his ultimate now

This patch they gave pyke another "your cut" when he gets either a kill or assist with his ult. essentially getting a kill+your cut or just 2 your cuts. We're talking about a minimum 600 gold for takedown. That's absurd. I have been getting ridiculous amounts of gold on pyke ever since this patch. This must be reverted. it is overpowered. one or two kills early with the ult on sends you into hyper mega-snowball course to victory. Pyke becomes just too oppressive if he gets fed early to the point nothing can stop him. Here, an example game. Just to put you guys into perspective. I had about 15 takedowns with my ult. you're talking here 4500 gold more than i would've gotten last patch. I'm gonna say it again - **4 5 0 0 gold extra from what used to be. ** When, why and how should a support be having 20k gold? that's just fucked up. completely. i was full build at minute 26:00. Being 260 farm down from the fed adc and up 1.1k gold. That's just too much. Nerf please.
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