Scuttles HATE Him, See how Kled Jungle could be meta with just one change

{{champion:240}} is some of the most fun I've had in the jungle out of any champion, the only annoyance is having to either steal farm or back to get my lizard after a gank. I would like to see {{item:3715}} or {{item:3706}} generate courage (or even after enchantment), this puts a gold barrier and discourages laners from taking {{summoner:11}} while also allowing Kled to be self-sustaining as a jungle. I love Kled's jungle rhythm and just want to see this one speedbump dealt with in a way that makes {{summoner:11}} not cost-effective to a top-laner while also making the Kled Jungle meme a bit more real. The gold barrier would also be a de-facto gate that encourages good jungle behavior. I disregard Kled Jungle haters but would like to know if this would be a good solution to his Jungle pacing or if there is something better.
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