You can be bad as hell on him but his usefulness will always be unparalleled. He's a Nunu-Janna demon child who walks up to your camps and takes them right in front of you when invading. You can't even outsmite him. It's actually hard to be truly bad on Ivern and his average winrate is the highest of ANY CHAMPION IN THE GAME REGARDLESS OF ROLE at 56%+. Experienced players even in DIamond 1+ maintain nearly 60% winrates. The champion is STRAIGHT BUSTED by EVERY METRIC and it's not like his playrate is so small for that to be the reason for these obscene statistics. This has been the case CONSISTENTLY for multiple patches and it's unacceptable for a champion with a >5% playrate. People don't see him one shot anyone like Rengar can so they don't understand how much subtle power he has. His kit is actually insanely overloaded and safe while suffocating the rest of the JG landscape besides a handful of picks. This is NOT OK Riot. Even if it's not an assassin with a lot of burst damage, it is NOT fine for a champion to be this powerful for a team. Every metric suggests he's broken so what are you waiting for? He's even more dominant by all objective assessments than Graves.
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