Riot you're shafting me, my hard work & Irelia players by not communicating on her.

100%? **100%?** ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? [Listen, I've been trying to get Irelia buffed for weeks - specifically when it came to her Q's bonus damage to minions.]( And a small increase made sense, her damage to minions has been suffering & it's actually obnoxious as hell when you barely underkill a melee minion. But 100%? I usually defend your decisions but are you fucking KIDDING me? Let me list off the things that increasing her damage to minions by **30%** does: * Makes the change seem bigger than it should be (bigger numbers = stronger reactions) hence making people more upset over Irelia buffs/changes in general. Congrats, made my job harder. * Completely makes last hitting w/ Q brainless since now you can easily kill any minion at half health or more if you're fed (you already one shot casters w/ Trinity, now imagine what's going to happen with another 30%). * Lowers her overall skillcap * Makes her waveclear way too strong - BUFFING HER AS A MIDLANER. * Goes to show that you IGNORE the main point of Boards posts and REFUSE to communicate with people who are actively looking to discuss about their champion. I was one of the first people to make a Gameplay+ thread and I'm pretty damn proud of it. Sure not everyone agrees with my opinion on Irelia but it was still a well thought out & reasonable opinion, one Riot could've EASILY looked into & discussed with Irelia players in terms of 'How much do you want, do these changes seem right to you etc.' rather than having it appear OUT OF THE BLUE and OVERKILL. WE WANTED 75-80%, NOT THIS! And you ignore that, you ignore that & you ignore EVERYTHING I said about how obnoxious Irelia's burst pattern is currently and now she needs a power shift towards DPS so that she can be more fun to play as and against. Why? Is that fair to me? [Is that fair to Irelia players who are already panicking over this buff?]( Is it fair to the community? NO, it's not - and this is just making me even more frustrated with how you guys have been performing as a company this year. Stop with the lack of communication, TALK WITH US. TALK TO PLAYERS WHO MAIN THE CHAMPS. READ THE GAMEPLAY+ POSTS. Stop communicating like shit. Holy...
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