Why does Duskblade's passive last for 5 seconds?

I am so sick and tired of getting oneshot by the enemy J4 who builds duskblade and then full tank, or by the enemy Zed, or Kayn, or Talon or any stupid AD assassin with this dumbass item. Given it's ward-disabling passive, one might think that Duskblade is supposed to be an item for stealthy champions who can proc it effectively. What exactly is stealthy in running half-way down midlane straight through the entire enemy team and still being able to proc the bonus damage? It's not stealthy. It's not flanking, there's no careful and clever positioning involved. It's literally just fucking walking up to someone in the 5 seconds and hitting them, and BOOM, they fucking explode, because Duskblade. Why has it not been nerfed to only last 1-1.5 seconds yet? Make it a stealthy item or nerf its damage. This is ridiculous. P.S. Fuck Jarvan
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